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Choose Salento for your real estate investment

Investing in a property in the Salento at the moment is simple, cheaper than other places that are equally renowned


Choose Salento for your real estate investment

After gold, the safe haven par excellence, although minimally devalued in recent years, remains the "brick". An apartment in the historic center is to be considered on a par with a bank draft, less if located in the suburbs, while a bit at risk is the case of building in neighborhoods that over time have gone through a progressive degradation. Very stable in the listing, profitable and often revalued remain the buildings erected near the sea or in the mountains, the holiday homes.

Among the many seaside resorts that the Italian Peninsula offers, the area that in recent years has experienced an important territorial redevelopment and a careful and sustainable building activity is the Salento.

Here, real estate complexes such as resorts, villages, villas and simple apartments have sprung up, in full compliance with the urban planning regulation, near the most beautiful beaches, but without "violating" the nature of the landscape, preserving its original layout.

Real estate activity in Salento

Recently, on the most beautiful locations in Salento, constructions have been built for holiday living, equipped with the most comfortable accessories such as

  • masonry and semi-natural pools;
  • tennis, golf and five-a-side courts;
  • taxis, shuttles and; SPA and gyms;
  • bars, restaurants, discos;
  • children's playground;security, cleaning and administrative services.

Investing in a property in the Salento at the moment is simple, cheaper than other places that are equally renowned, but perhaps less beautiful. Holding a Villa in Apulia is also an instrument of income deriving from tourist rentals.

Thanks to the assignment of various Blue Flags obtained from numerous localities of Salento, even for several consecutive years and the advertising abroad produced by prestigious magazines, this area of ​​Puglia is gaining several consents among the ranks of European and American vacationers.

The flow of tourists is continuous throughout the entire year, obviously influenced by seasonality, but it is really difficult for them to remain unsold during the year.



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